About our school

Our school was established in 1990 and is committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive learning environment. We have 11 R-6 classes and 3 disability unit classes. Our curriculum includes specialist subjects such as health and physical education, the arts, and Auslan.

Our school is surrounded by spacious grounds with beautiful River Red gums and parks along the Little Para River. We’ve developed our facilities to complement this natural environment, which includes a recently updated STEM room, Arts Learning space, Student Wellbeing space, and Learning Support Hub, ensuring a well-rounded and holistic learning experience.

Our classrooms are equipped with interactive panels, and pods of laptops and iPads supporting teaching. In addition, our students have access to a canteen, shaded play areas, student-designed play equipment, and a native garden.

Current enrolments

Our School currently has 243 enrolled students

Our vision

At Riverdale Primary School, we foster a vibrant and engaging learning environment where every student thrives. Our committed educators, driven by a pursuit of excellence, establish a supportive atmosphere that challenges students and fosters holistic growth.

Our school serves as a dynamic hub where educators, families, and communities collaborate to guide each child toward their personal best. We partner with families and communities to prepare students not only academically but also for a fulfilling and contributing life.

In the heart of our local community, Riverdale Primary School exemplifies values of safety, inclusivity, and collaboration. Every child is encouraged to contribute and provided a platform to share their thoughts. We celebrate individual needs, interests, languages, and cultures in our learning environment.

We’re resolute in preparing all students for life beyond the classroom, providing them with the tools to learn and creating opportunities for a satisfying and meaningful life. Our belief is that education extends beyond classrooms, leading to lifelong success and impactful contributions to society.

Our values

  • Honesty
  • Equity
  • Respect
  • Excellence

We refer to these values as they’re at the centre of what we do and who we are as a school. At the start of each year, during our Lift-off program, all classes and teachers spend time teaching students about each of the values and unpacking the actions, behaviours and outcomes each value brings. Our teachers revisit and reinforce these values throughout the year.

At our whole school assemblies School Value Awards are presented to students who have demonstrated these values.

Our facilities

STEM room

The recently updated STEM room equips students with resources for hands-on exploration and innovation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.


A fully fenced oval is equipped with a sandpit, playground, soccer goals, football goals, and 3 shelters. 


Inside our gym is a full basketball court, kitchen, toilets and a stage. The gym has heating and cooling so it can be safely used across all seasons. 

Playground and gardens

On entry to the school we have a beautifully landscaped garden. We have 2 playgrounds and a nature garden that provide fun outdoor play. 

Resource Centre

The Resource Centre offers a diverse collection of books, digital resources, and collaborative spaces, providing students with an environment to enhance their research, learning and creativity.

Children are encouraged to visit the Resource Centre regularly for book exchange. Each class visits at scheduled times throughout the week.