Welcome from our Principal

Mrs Adele Maughan, School Principal

Riverdale Primary School is a vibrant, enjoyable and positive learning community. Our school is a R-6 school with approximately 240 students, including 3 Disability Unit classes.

We respect the strengths and uniqueness of each child and family, and we are committed to supporting each child’s learning growth through a meaningful learning program that is built upon strong and positive relationships.

We offer a rich and safe learning environment and have an enduring focus on building the essential skills of literacy and numeracy. We support our students to be problem solvers who can think creatively and critically as well as resourceful users of learning technologies. We’re committed to preparing children for the future by inspiring confidence and innovation, and developing problem solving and critical thinking skills to better know, influence and shape their world.

The leadership team and staff at Riverdale Primary School work hard to maintain and develop a parent and teacher partnership in the education of your child. We’re committed not only to sharing successes but also in the joint responsibility in developing your child to their full potential. We’re proud of the community spirit and the partnership we have with our parents and carers to provide the best possible education for students.

All children and families contribute to our learning community, and we welcome you to visit and connect with us. We invite you to look through our website. Feel free to make an enquiry today and book a tour with me.

We hope to see you soon!

Adele Maughan